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Waifu Universalis is a mod which anthropomorphizes the myriad of states, nations, and polities represented in Europa Universalis. Every asset within the mod is hand-drawn and uniquely made for this purpose. The project is done in earnest, but isn't to be taken too seriously; it's all good fun. Flags are the primary priority at the moment, though various advisors, event images, and tributtons have also been added.

This is a work in progress.


The idea was first concieved in late December. Though gijinka is not a new idea, very few have applied it to nations and states, surprisingly. Hetalia is the most prominent example.

On Jan. 3, the post "EU4 but it's anime" was made to the EU4 subreddit.

On Jan. 21, the post " EU4 but it's anime 2: Mare Nostrum" was made to the EU4 subreddit.

On Mar. 10, Waifu Univesalis was first posted to the Steam Workshop, where continuous progress has been made ever since.


As of Apr. 21, 2019:

  • (37) event pictures
  • (637) portrait-flags
  • (21) advisors
  • (4) load-screens
  • Special Government Buttons
  • Re-done UI to fit the new flags
  • Some flavor text
  • Extra compatibility with Missions Expanded

The Team

Sole Developer: claivin

Every asset is drawn and created by claivin.

Contact and Information

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