Voltaire's Nightmare

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Voltaire's Nightmare
Voltaire's Nightmare
Developer(s) Katharevousa
Release(s) v. 0 – 14 May, 2016
v. 1 – 25 May, 2017
v. 2 – Late 2019
Language(s) English
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Voltaire's Nightmare is a mod for Europa Universalis IV, focusing entirely on Europe and its peripheries. This page is WIP.




In Voltaire's Nightmare, the map is a core part of the mod. VN0 had only HRE, and surrounding regions, the map was based off Droysen's map, you might notice how the map ends at identical corners as some wiki maps of HRE, because they are based on the same source.


VN1 was expanded to span from Scotland to Constantinople, adding in many lands to east and west, though early versions of this map did not have Ruthenian lands.


VN1 had a poorly fast drawn map, but this was fixed by VN2's well-drawn map which already has been worked on for a year. Here is the map's preview at the time this wiki page was created (2019 April).


Kingdom of France & HRE


Technologies & Institutions

Flavour Events


The missions in Voltaire's Nightmare have undergone a fundamental change, with the total number of columns increased from 5 to 10 to allow more space for additional new missions. Each column is filled with a small number of generic missions, sorted by different categories, such as a naval focus or expansion focus. There are also new religion-specific and region-specific missions that line up below.

In the current mod version, there are no unique mission trees yet, but a large number of trees are planned for the release of VN2. These will mainly cover the most important nations, although some small states will get their own missions as well.


Changes compared to vanilla EU4

With the increased density of provinces and nations, some changes have been made to certain game play elements.

  • Holy Roman Empire
    • Unlawful Territory: The Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire can now only demand Unlawful Territory, if the target Nation is a rival of the Emperor.
    • Free Cities: The maximum amount of Free Cities Was increased to 50,
    • Imperial Princes: The minimum amount of imperial princes to avoid an authority loss was increased to x.
  • Mixed Changes
    • Fabricate Claims: Nations without the native government cannot fabricate a claim on native provinces. However, natives can claim native and non-native provinces.

Development History

Initial development and release

The first playable version of Voltaire's Nightmare was released on May 14, 2016 on the Steam Workshop. On the first day of release, it had garnered a total of 3,575 subscribers. By June 1, the mod had accumulated over 12,000 total unique subscribers.

Expansion of the mod and Version 1.0

On May 18, 2016, the first WIP images of what would eventually become Version 1 were showcased by Katharevousa, confirming that the mod would receive a new update expanding the map at some point in the future.

Throughout 2016, images showcasing the progress of the expansion continued to be posted along with updates to the original mod. On October 1, 2016, the last update to "version 0" was released. The scope of the expansion was also widened, with the timeline moved back to 1248. Concurrently, on December 4, 2016, a video showcasing the map of Italy during the timeline was uploaded to YouTube.

On January 7, 2017, an image was uploaded showing the map in its entirety at the 1248 start date. On February 17, a video was uploaded to YouTube once again showing the expansion's scope being broadened, with a timeline extension to 1054 at the earliest and 1871 at the latest.

Finally, on May 25, the first playable version of the expanded mod was released as an update to the original mod. This version was however prone to instability, though successive updates rectified this.

Limbo, revival and expansion of the development team

Throughout late 2017 and early 2018, most of the bugs in the "alpha" version of v1.0 had been fixed, however the updates became less frequent with time and successive versions of EU4 resulted in the mod becoming unplayable regularly due to the extent of its changes. On May 19, 2018, Katharevousa announced his intention to leave the modding community and that he would no longer be working on the project, effectively leaving the mod in a state of limbo.

At the same time, two users who had previously contributed to Voltaire's Nightmare, Isildur and ratka, set out their plans to revive the mod as well as introduce new content for the 1.25 patch. Development began for the Iberia Update on the same day of the announcement, taking almost two months to complete. Halfway through development, the user Awerick, another previous contributor, joined the development team to assist in the completion of the update.

On July 12, 2018, the update was released on the Steam workshop. Alongside this, a new development team was officially formed, Karrjaga, the Old Prussian word for military campaign. As a result of their efforts, Katharevousa once again returned to working on Voltaire's Nightmare as the main developer alongside the rest of the team.

In September 2018, a seasoned contributor, ShyGuy13, joined the development team. In December 2018, Awerick resigned from the development team.

Version 2.0 and ongoing development

In July 2018, shortly after the release of the Iberia Update, work began by Karrjaga on a new expansion to Voltaire's Nightmare, codenamed Rise of Eagles, later changed to Voltaire's Nightmare II or VN2, that would encompass nearly the entirety of Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. As of August 2019, the province map had been almost entirely completed.

Alongside the expansion, several new provinces are being added to old regions to improve detail across the board, as well as many new tags and religions not present in v1.0. Further plans include the addition of more buildings and idea groups, especially for the early game. Flavour is also being expanded, with more nation and region-specific mission trees. However, in contrast to v1.0, the timeline is not being expanded further.

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