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Thousand Week Reich is a mod that aims to explore what a more realistic and plausible scenario that involves a limited victory to Nazi Germany would look like. The mod starts in 1952, several years after the collapse of the USSR to German forces, and while Germany's position as hegemon of Europe remains strong, its rule is beginning to show signs of collapse.



Unusually, the lore predates the mod by quite a long time. TWR began as a small project by AP246/Proximexo to create as realistic and plausible an axis victory setting as possible, as opposed to the countless Man in the High Castle style scenarios, while portraying the dystopian horror of a world with Nazi-controlled Europe. As a result, Germany won only a limited victory, adding such features as leaving Japan to lose the war and not including an Operation Sealion (instead, the UK and Germany sign a white peace style armistice soon after the fall of France, ending the war in the west).

The lore was originally made in a series of maps, made by AP246 and many others.

This original lore was then adapted to fit better in a HOI4 mod, so while the mod is based on the above lore, there are many differences. This is a continuous process, with the lore being constantly refined and adapted, however, below is a world map showing what the world of 1952 looks like in the mod as it is now.



The lore for TWR has existed in some form ever since September 2017.

An effort to turn the timeline into a HOI4 mod began in November 2017, and the mod has been in developed ever since, being a submod of the Darkest Hour mod Since May 2018



  • Alternate history cold war setting, from 1952 into the 1960s, including custom nations, focus trees, ideologies, events etc.
  • Cold war era tech tree, courtesy of Minutes to Midnight, but modified slightly
  • Custom UI



The Team

Lead Developer and Representative:

  • Proximexo (AP246)

Developer Council:

  • Agatha
  • Arser
  • Dean
  • Roniius
  • Nylon Planet
  • Vapor


  • Aru
  • Trains
  • aozora
  • Benjamin Danklin
  • Bev7787, Bjorn Ironside
  • BritGuy
  • jose
  • CMDR Voltages
  • Comrade Doggo
  • Donblazer, Filippos
  • Alas negras
  • JoshyFuc
  • Anni
  • Itzal
  • Legochiel
  • LuxLoser
  • totalstgamer
  • Ryan
  • Sinø
  • Silver
  • Hellbat
  • Xartes




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