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The Coming Storm, a total overhaul mod for Hearts of Iron IV, lets you play as one of the worlds many nations, ranging from South America to Eastern Asia. You will be plunged into one of the most turbulent era's of mankind, decisions have to be made to either keep or destroy peace. It is currently still in its development stages, with lots of content in the works. Developed by an amazing team of very dedicated modders, we at "The Coming Storm" want to bring you one of the World War 1 and Interwar scenarios for Hearts of Iron IV.


Custom Startdates

  • 1905: The Breeze of Peace
  • 1910: The Coming Storm
  • 1914: The Storm of Steel
  • 1918: The Settling Winds

Custom Focus Trees

  • German Empire
  • Russian Empire
  • British Empire
  • Japan
  • Republic of France
  • United States
  • Austria-Hungary
  • Togoland
  • Netherlands
  • Qing Empire
  • Persia

Custom Technology Trees

  • New Armor Tree
  • New Naval Tree
  • New Doctrine Trees


The Team

Lead Developer:


Mod Coop Representative:


High Council:

- Indyclone77

- Kano

- Thyliase (Nina)

- Zarathustra_the_Godless


Campochi | Caris Adryia | cel | CeltBelarusian
Luftwaffle17 | Drowse | Duchess Friege | Entrerriano
Bart | GrumpyWalrusCat | Higuyscd32 | HorizonFulcrum
kstar234 | Lavrentis Beria | SovietLijm | Nylon Planet
Revo | Ryanlandia | Shronkistan | Sjark1
Tirpitz | Woodrow Wilson | The Irredentista | BREAD!

Contact and Information

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