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SuperStates Mod


SuperStates Mod is an alternate history mod that places the individual subnational "states" of Australia, Canada, Mexico and the United States into the EU4 world in 1444.


Nobody knows what happened, but millions of people in North America and Australia and Oceania found themselves without the technology of 21st century but with the means to understand that they're in some sort of temporal causality event. Having been displaced in time but not in mind, those in charged quickly realized the world is considerably larger and the understanding of the reality they once had is retained but with some haze, so the question is what to do with the new challenges they find themselves in.


Mod was first released in 2014 after two years of development by KeoniPhoenix, the Mod Development Leader.

The last update was for 1.21, however development is still ongoing though slow due to working a primary job and having a backlog of needs from multiple game patches changing mechanics.


Completely changed map to reflect the modern boundaries from which they arose. Numerous formable nations to recreate nations some historical and some new.

The Team

KeoniPhoenix - Mod Development Leader

Seviro - Public Relations

Contact and Information

Our Discord:

Steam Workshop:

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