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Main menu screen for Spartakus


Spartakus: World in Revolution is a Hearts of Iron IV alternative history mod set in the scenario of a successful socialist German Revolution after the Great War. It is currently in closed development but the Beta has an approximate public release date set for late 2019. Starting in 1932, it aims to convey a compelling content filled interactive alt-history narrative while also introducing a plethora of brand new game mechanics.


Spartakus has a series of divergences in late-1918 in which the Communist Party of Germany (KPD) and its leadership, headed by Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, decide to participate in parliamentary elections rather than execute a premature revolutionary revolt. After achieving strong electoral success, they engage in revolutionary agitation amidst an increasingly dire economic crisis, made worse by the fragility of the ruling "Weimar Coalition" composed of the conservative Centre Party, liberal German Democratic Party and the left-reformist Social Democratic Party. On May Day (May 1st) 1919, large demonstrations in Berlin and other cities escalate into conflict with the police and military, and a revolution ensues, resulting in the German Civil War. The conflict lasts until November 1920, when the Reds emerge victorious with military support from the Bolsheviks, who previously emerged victorious in the Polish-Soviet War with Red German support. World politics are radically changed as inspired workers in multiple other countries attempt their own revolutions. However, these generally fail and ultimately culminate in numerous dictatorships.

The world enters 1932 with a divided Germany, a struggling British Empire, and an inevitable conflict between east and west on the horizon.


Spartakus began development in February 2018 and was announced to the public on 22 March that same year. It has been in active development since then.


Spartakus contains a number of brand new features such as the introduction of a party coalition system, over new 20 country focus trees and associated content, a complete overhaul of states, a reskinned and overhauled UI, numerous new scripted GUI elements, new artwork, dozens of new unit models, an extended tech tree and more.

The Team

Lead Developer: sparkz

Mod Coop Representative: sparkz


  • NatSpi
  • Indyclone77
  • sybil_sibyl
  • rika
  • Natalie
  • Brammeke
  • aozora
  • SovietLijm
  • Steffplays123
  • Yee
  • Bill the Swiss
  • jyanoshik
  • Paste
  • Calph
  • Terence
  • Aster
  • Saddam Hussein abd Al-Majid
  • 4MuthaRussia
  • Basileios55
  • BigCheecho
  • Babuska
  • AirHunter
  • BlazedSoulofHate
  • Kiridifferent
  • centrist_marxist
  • Pluto
  • crimean khanate
  • Go.Jr
  • TheCrusaderKing
  • Skullcrusher
  • Unflaw
  • Eee
  • Finny!
  • Prussian

Contact and Information

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