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Orginally set up as a testbed for new mapping programs, Red Dust eventually became the long sought-after 'Coop Super Mod', involving several developers from the Modding Cooperative's Representative section.

Based around the future colonisation of the planet Mars, Red Dust requires the player to manage each 'sector' that he or she colonises, dealing with power demands, food, water, government support on local levels, international and interplanetary trade, foreign influence and more.

Eventually the player will be able to call themselves a proper nation, splitting ties from Earth, or even remaining as a 'super-colony', increasing parent-nation ties and forming a new solar superpower.




  • An entirely new map to play on: Red Dust's map is a semi-terraformed Mars, allowing a new approach to ground combat, as well as new nations and terrain types to deal with.
The Map of Red Dust
  • A changing political landscape: As you expand you colony, changing your policies and dealing with situations, your population in each 'sector' (state) will react differently, sometimes increasing support for the ruling colonial government, or at other times seeking a new power.
  • Pops: Each 'sector' is divided into Pops, each Pop will represent a different type of civilian, and each type requiring different things from the local and state government. If you don't gain the support from each Pop type, you could very well have a problem on your hands, which leads to.
  • Rebellions: As discontent grows in a 'sector', the Pops there may feel that it's time for new power to rise in the colony. This will cause local support for a different ideology (based on Pop preference) to grow, eventually making it harder to govern that 'sector', until eventually culminating in a full-blown rebellion. A full rebellion will act like a Civil War does in vanilla Hearts of Iron IV, with the exception of how it is handled. A rebellion will calculate the major ideology support, Pop types and development of the sector it starts in, and will spawn hostile militia based upon this. It will also call in neighbouring sectors that are like-minded to the cause, creating a larger rebellion if nearby states have been likewise mistreated.
  • Interplanetary Trade: Private companies will slowly, but surely, arrive upon planet Mars to sell the goods mined from the asteroids of the Solar System. As each company appears on the global market, you will be able to purchase the goods they specialise in, much like you would in the default trading menu of Hearts of Iron IV. Where it differs, however, is the company's ability to provide resources for the entire planet. Every colony in the game will be competing to secure the trade goods from each interplanetary company, meaning that there won't be enough to go around; At the start. Eventually, companies will become more powerful the more they are traded with, resulting in more resources becoming available, but also increasing their presence on Mars itself. If a company becomes powerful enough, they may start using private militaries to protect they interests, and if one becomes even stronger, may intervene in wars between colonies via orbital invasions to protect their economic interests.
  • Orbital Combat: Red Dust will have navies, armies and air forces, just like vanilla Hearts of Iron IV, however a new element will be added: Space Combat. Warships are expensive, advanced and difficult to manufacture for a fledgeling colony to produce, however investing in one will allow you to dominate the four orbital sectors above Mars, blocking trade, support ground troops via orbital fire and even bombarding the enemy unhindered. However, this can be countered at a relatively lower cost by the construction of anti-orbital guns, allowing for a secure defence against orbital warships, and presenting an obstacle that must be dealt with on the ground by other colonies.
  • Policies: As your ideology becomes more entrenched in society, you will be able to employ unique policies to shape your nation even further, from increased bonuses to interplanetary trade, autarky enforcement, elite training and more, your nation will slowly become more powerful the more stable it becomes. However, losing influnce over your colony may result in losing much needed policies to keep ahead of the competition, so keep your Pops happy.

The Team

Lead Developer: Cherios

Mod Coop Representative: Cherios


  • Kracc
  • Gunnar von Pontius

Contact and Information

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