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Pax Britannica: An Imperial Timeline is an in-development total overhaul mod for Hearts of Iron 4, detailing an alternate timeline where the American Revolution failed. Originally released on the workshop in late 2017, the mod is currently undergoing a substantial overhaul and planned re-release, official announcement date to be determined. The mod is currently being developed by New Grestin and :3 (Luepola). The mod focuses on the lead up to the "Second Great War", inter-empire politics and revolutions in an alien, though still familiar world dominated by the ancient regimes of Europe.


The Galloway Plan of Union, which in our history was narrowly voted against in the First Continental Congress, instead splits the revolutionaries in America. Disunified in their goals, the American Revolution sputters out before it can truly begin, and within a matter of years is ultimately defeated by the British Loyalists. Without the extensive French involvement in the Revolution that occured historically, France narrowly avoids their revolution, allowing the Bourbon monarchy to survive into the modern era. The British Empire is fundamentally changed, taking on a more decentralized form of governance under the "British Imperial Confederation", granting extensive autonomy to their predominantly European and Anglo-American colonies. 

In the early 1900s, the Far Eastern Crisis sparks war between the German and French Empires, uprooting the delicate balance of Europe. France, eager for a battle with their German rival, backs the Japanese in their attempt to tip the scales of Russian power in the East. Russia, a longtime ally of Germany, seeks their assurances. In a matter of a month, the world plunges into the depths of the First Great War. By 1910, France and her allies have fallen either to the Imperial Powers of Germany, Russia and Britain, the latter of which being drug in via French belligerence in the English Channel. In the end, however, the Imperial Powers have lost the peace. Europe is gripped in economic depression, France and Russia have fallen to revanchist sentiments, Britain has retreated into isolationism, and the world once more teeters on the edge of a Second, even more terrible, Great War.

All that can truly be said is that the Pax Britannica is about to come to a screeching halt.



Currently, the release date of the mod is to be determined, however currently the planned content for release is as follows:

  • Focus Trees and Events for all Majors
  • Focus Trees for Some Minor Nations
  • Events and Decisions for significant regions
  • New Mechanics for Major Nations

The Team

Lead Developer:

  • New Grestin
    3 (Luey)

Mod Coop Representative:

  • New Grestin


Contact and Information

Current Discord Link

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