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Minutes to Midnight is a mod to the game Hearts of Iron IV. The mod is set from 1950-1990 and features at its core a Cold War experience. The mod has a focus on qualitative content and a accurate portrayal of the politics, warfare and social issue that happened during the Cold War.

Minutes to Midnight has remade everything that Vanilla Hearts of Iron IV has to offer with a completely from scratch made map, states, technologies, political system among other changes. Since Vanilla lacks a lot of needed systems and files to make simulating a Cold War possible a lot of effort has been made towards creating those files and systems.


Minutes to Midnight is not a alt-history mod but closely follows the historical Cold War timeline. At points it has divergences to allow for eastereggs and variations in gameplay but the style is similar to Vanilla.


Minutes to Midnight was founded in february 2017 but was in private developement until december 2017.


  • A from scratch remade map; including provinces, states, strategic zones, supply areas, weather and much more.
  • New focus trees for 15 nations
  • 14 new start dates from 1950-1989 to give players a chance to experience all the different aspects of the Cold War.
  • A from scratch re-made tech tree with all custom graphics.
  • New Loading art and a new style for the game, keeping it as close to vanilla as possible.
  • Custom mechanics for the US, USSR and several other majors to simulate internal politics.
  • New unit types and new 3D art.

The Team

Lead Developer: Gunnar Von Pontius

Mod Coop Representative: Gunnar Von Pontius

Developers: Yustinn, Atomic Soviet, DerDude, Gokuplayer, GreekSpy, Indyclone77, Internetismean, Jeankedezeehond, Killeritch, Leafy_emerald, Fbruchmueller, Maximus Edgimus, Melancholy Hill, MSG, Nelfe, NJM09, Oscarnaut, R.R.Delr, Protroid, Roniius, Semic, Sev, Swoozle, .7734

Contact and Information

We mostly use our discord at https://discord.gg/cKcrUVk were we do our updates and internal developement.

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