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Featured Mod: The Thirty Years War
EaW logo2.png

This full scale Hearts of Iron 4 mod aims to recreate the 17th century's religious conflicts (1617-1648), commonly known as the Thirty Years’ War, which primarily took place in Central Europe and involved most of the great powers of the time.

The mod starts in the year 1617, shortly before the zealously Catholic Ferdinand II rises to power in Austria and is crowned Holy Roman Emperor. It was his mission to mercilessly rid the world of Protestantism and to rekindle the spirit of the counter-reformation among his contemporaries while trying to centralize the Holy Roman Empire. His efforts would result in 30 years of armed conflict within the empire.

Check it out at it's Discord: [1]

Hoi4_coop_icon.png Hearts of Iron 4 Hoi4_coop_icon.png Europa Universalis IV Hoi4_coop_icon.png Imperator: Rome

Hearts of Iron 4 is a grand strategy set in the runup to World War II. The player controls a nation, starting as early as 1936 and must plan ahead and strategize troughout rising world tensions and the unevitable war. With several choices, both politically, strategically and tactically Hearts of Iron 4 offers one of the best WWII simulators to date.

With a core built around the Axis vs. Allies conflict, Hearts of Iron 4 involves worldwide action and fun for almost all of the worlds nations, and in addition to this boasts and large amount of alternative history. This gives it a high amount of replayability, and options both in Singleplayer and Multiplayer for going off the edge on scenarios built up around the different routes of alternative history made.

Hearts of Iron 4 was released in 2016 and in late 2017 the first Modding Coop was created for it. It has grown to have one of the most active modding communities with tens of large scale mods and hundreds of active developers. There is a large amount of shared resources available, and a core Coop group of very active people willing to help in both small and big projects.

If you are interested in logistical planning, grand manouvre and a high-tension Multiplayer spanning hours of hard action, Hearts of Iron 4 might be something for you! Try it out and join in on the Hearts of Iron 4 Mod Coop if you end up being caught in the fun!

If you got caught by the game, and want some more; check out some of the member mods and associates listed down below.

Hoi4_coop_icon.png Our HoI4 Discord

Useful Links for HoI4:

Common Issues and Crash Causes

Hearts of Iron IV Game Mechanics


Europa Universalis IV is a grand strategy game made by Paradox Interactive as the successor to their successful Europa Universalis III, released in August 2013.  Europa Universalis IV is set during the late Middle Ages to the early Modern Age. Players controls a nation from any date from November 11, 1444 to January 1, 1821 to reenact and rewrite world history on a broad scale.

The goals of the game are predominately dictated through trade, diplomacy, conquest, and colonization; the player must skillfully manage their affairs both domestically and abroad when conducting trade, war, and colonization with the player being given nearly total freedom as how to pursue their objectives.

Europa Universalis IV is designed around the principle of accessible modding and can be modded from simple scenario changes to total conversion and overhauls that completely flip the game mechanics on its head.  This allows for Europa Universalis IV to have a large, active mod community decidated to bring new elements and functionalities to the Europa Universalis IV experience.

Easily to play but difficult to master, Europa Unviersalis IV presents a fun experience in single player and multiplayer with numerous moments of betrayal, excitement and tension. In every game of Europa Uniersalis IV, the world is at your fingertips.

Should you enjoy the game, join the Europa Unversalis IV Mod Coop to experience new challenges through the many mods. And if you wish to mod yourself, the Europa Universalis IV Mod Coop is a very helpful resource for new to the modding experience.

Eu4_coop_logo.png Our EU4 Discord

Useful Links for EU4:

Common Issues and Crash Causes

Europa Universalis IV Game Mechanics


Imperator: Rome is a game made by Paradox Interactive.

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Imperator_coop_logo.png Our Imperator Discord

Useful Links for Imperator:

Common Issues and Crash Causes

Imperator Game Mechanics


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