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The Cold War Iron Curtain mod is based on the Cold War era planned to span from 1949 to 2005 with multiple starts throughout and a system that enables long-term gameplay. The mod seeks to create plausible scenarios with a faithful recreation of the world in the Cold War and allow the player to radically change the world through alt-history paths that can change the scape of the world through realistic scenarios.

Currently, the Iron Curtain mod is undergoing a large change in direction with the implementation of the Economics 2.0 system and a heavier emphasis on realism. In this time, most radical alt-history paths that do not feature realistic scenarios will be axed and later will be rewritten to contain plausible paths/real groups or replaced with other radical "could-have-been" pathways. Please bear with the team as we are currently attempting to clean up countries with missing loc/weird balance left over from members that have quit/made mary sue countries and recreate pieces of the mod.


The Cold War was a period in time after WW2 ended and rivalling superpowers at staunch ideological ends began a massive buildup of weapons including the apocalyptic nuclear bomb. Many regions claim neutrality to either side or are leaning one way or the other. As these rivalling superpowers brawl through proxies and subversion to gain every strategic edge they can acquire to prepare for a potentially world ending war, other superpowers may yet rise and join either side....or form their own spheres and stake own in favor of the world they desire to create...


  • Long-Term game support (60+ years)
  • Realism/Plausible alt-history paths for immersion
  • Parliament/Politburo/Laws system [in development]
  • A massive music mod with several hundred tracks to give many countries unique songs and not sound repetitive
  • New focus trees every ~10 years. Whenever a new era is reached, the old tree is thrown out and the new tree is put in mid-game. Additionally, the trees are dynamic with some countries and radical shifts in alt-history pave the way for different trees in the next era.
  • A massive generic tree with new generic trees every era


  • Completely overhauled military technologies to reflect the modern world
  • Agriculture, construction, and mining technologies
  • A reworked and immersive industrial technology tree that gives applause to underappreciated pinnacle breakthroughs and principles in management and logistics that shaped modern industry while not neglecting core manufacturing technologies
  • A computer tech tree that delves into software, hardware, communications, and radar developments
  • Space research
  • WMDs and rocketry


  • Equipment-based Space Tree
  • Modular mission command
  • Alternate history paths for space and mission progression
  • Tangible space development benefits
  • Satellite mechanics and bonuses for developing satellite networks

Complex Military System

  • Largely increased unit pallete
  • Rocketry Research with many different types of missiles to research
  • Airborne variants of many different battalions including attack helicopters and airmobile units
  • Advanced infantry system with auxiliary infantry weapons such as squad and team weapons, ammunition, armor, etc development. [Does not require multiple production lines]
  • Highly customizable army with light/medium/heavy variants of mechs/artillery/support weapons
  • Faithful recreation of the modern air force with many different plane types and paths to approach different planes. [Realisticly small numbers but highly capable planes in the works]
  • Complex special forces tech tree and a unique take on special forces
  • Numerous types of nuclear weapons and more than 30 nuclear technologies
  • Rollout Systems
  • Large scale naval tree that faithfully recreates modern naval combat with lots and lots of missiles. From cruise missiles to SAMs to missiles that turn into torpedos and torpedos that turn into missiles.

Economics 2.0 [In development]

Economics 2.0 is an advanced system in development for Cold War: Iron Curtain that seeks to create an immersive system of development, globally reliant trade and markets, civilian needs, indices, budgets, and many other features

The system will feature many things not listed here because they are not confirmed/fully plannet yet. However, the confirmed features include:

  • Budgets that must be balanced for investment
  • Offices/Service Economies to generate income outside of industry and develop a nation's indices
  • Agriculture with maximum farm slots based on the size of the state, output based on the arability, and a dynamic series of environmental effects from intensive farming and deforestation that are offset by technology and special programs
  • Civilian demands for resources and industry that pays their own damn workers [no consumer goods factories]
  • Infrastructure divided into water, state, and municipal with an infrastructure tech tree connected to the energy tech tree w/ grids, fossil fuel, 2 green energy lines, state, and municipal infrastructure techs.
  • Energy technology and energy plants with an expensive route for green energy to lessen reliance on fuel as well as provide an alternative energy basis for vehicles.
  • Building slots based on the industrial development of each individual state and its population
  • Human Development Index
  • Environmental Mechanics such as ecosystem health and soil erosion
  • The ability to invest into tourist sites, historical foundations, ecological preserves/zoos, and other special projects to earn extra income and provide immersion for the savvy art patron

More coming soon. Everything listed above is confirmed, doable, and underway. Some are already completed.

The Team

Mod Coop Representative and Mod Lead: 

  • Swf541


  • Kreunz

High Council:

  • Polarace
  • Generalis

Ranking Members:

  • PunishedYehudah | Zarathustra_the_Godless | Comrade Doggo
  • Nasos4 | higuyscd32 | Starfoth | Who Built The Pyrimids
  • Supermob


  • Arakan94 | Deathlinger | Vaughn | Nichlas
  • Gatts | KommissarYoshi
  • Cato | Indyclone77 | Plasomus |


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  • THE SILVER SERPENT EMPEROR | TheErupted | Vanadi | XArbaX
  • 1945

[Retired Members:]

  • Drafigo | CMDR Voltages | Krco
  • Battelman2 | Dawildcat | Hans | Seanarchy
  • Takonas | Andreas | Jared | Beavertails
  • Riprap | Johnny | Stuffi3000 | Osticles
  • Icysmooth | DeLocked | Kaiser1871 | Jesus
  • RobDaFlob | Anthony158 |  2polev | =Cheeki Breeki=
  • stalker20299 | Pacifica | Nicolas | Eskubi | soiglotreekavicator

Contact and Information

Discord: Our public Discord

Steam: Cold War: Iron Curtain's Steampage

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