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Imperialism Reinvigorated
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7th May 2019







Imperialism Reinvigorated (colloquially known as simply "IR") is a total overhaul mod for Europa Universalis IV, with the goal of building a robust and engaging colonial experience, as well as rewarding historical and semi-historical pathways to empire. The main body of content is in the form of extensive mission trees and events, though many regions of the map have been overhauled to accomodate more pathways to colonial empire.


Amyzonis originally started this project as a minor content expansion for the enjoyment of friends and family. When the comments, views, subscribers, and personal messages of support started to grow, so too did the mod. Since then, this mod has grown into a comprehensive overhaul of EU4, and many other talented individuals from the community have volunteered their time to contribute to the project.
The Imperialism Reinvigorated team put together a general vision for the project:

  1. To consistently develop new quality content for EU4, with a high value on community input
  2. To design historically-grounded gameplay that is balanced for both the single-player and multi-player experiences
  3. To ensure the effective introduction of new mechanics, and the revision of existing ones to better supplement the new flavor content
  4. To maintain a relatively consistent standard of quality to ensure a continuous gameplay experience

Version Timeline:

  • Original "Legacy" Builds - November 17, 2017
  • Portugal (IR 0.90) - December 24, 2018
  • Spain  (IR 0.91) - February 11, 2019
  • Pacific (IR 0.92) - May 7, 2019
  • Angevinia (IR 0.93) - Upcoming, TBD


Imperialism Reinvigorated has sought to maintain a balance between improving mechanics to make more historical sense, while maintaining the same design style as vanilla.

  • Massive Mission Trees for the Major Powers
  • Unique Mission Types
  • 9-column Mission Trees
  • Overhauled map with thousands of new provinces, on the Typus project (Beyond Typus is our "base draft")
  • Age-locking
  • Unique Rulesets
  • Reworked Development system (coming in IR 0.93)
  • Reworked Building system (coming in IR 0.93)
  • Reworked Terrain and Feature system (coming in IR 0.93)
  • CK2-style Civil Wars
  • Wide assortment of new tags
  • Hundreds of new events, decisions, ideas, and other flavor content

Imperialism Reinvigorated has also integrated a variety of other mods with the permission of their creators, including:

  • Beyond Typus
  • Beyond Typus: China
  • Byzantine Resurgence
  • Cleaner Peace Terms
  • Comoros Archipelago Nations
  • National Ideas Expanded
  • Ordo Heraldica Regum et Ducum
  • Plus Ultra
  • Suvarnabhumi: The Land of Gold
  • Third Odyssey

See Also

Stable Build (updated monthly):

Unstable Build  (updated whenever, usually weekly):

Amyzonis' Patreon page - if you like the mod, please consider donating!


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