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Godspeed: A Flame for Winter is a mod in development, lead by Tamara. It is a mod built around strong storytelling and flavor in a strange, yet familiar, world. Atmosphere, lore, and believability are stressed, mixed with faction-based gameplay and a completely overhauled alternate-history tech tree. Development has been slow-going, with work beginning in earnest in April 2018. Godspeed is meant to be a narrative and casual experience, using mechanics such as the Misery bar, sub-ideologies, and deep flavor events. It is not especially suited for multiplayer or blobbing runs, and due to the 14 year run of campaigns, is meant to be taken slowly in Ironman.  


It has been 10 years since the end of the disastrous Great War which rocked Europe to its core. As the Angevin Empire stood victorious over the Holy Romans upon their new conquests, oblivious to the swirling maelstrom of death that they had unleashed, age-old alliances and empires crumbled to dust. 78 million dead. Entire swaths of farmland churned to wasteland by the treads of landships and carpet bombing. Forests blasted to wood pulp. Great cities of the Rhine and Italy, France and Hispania, ground into dust by five continuous years of brutal, horrific total war. The thick dust clouds floating across the Gulf Stream, coupled with the mass deaths, have resulted in the Earth falling into a second Little Ice Age, with global temperatures dropping nearly half a degree Celsius in only 10 years. 

The Dust is rising in the relative stillness. Figures beyond knowing look down upon humanity and all of its woes, all of its Misery, with inquisitive eyes. Fragile Italian rule is threatened by demagogues and the reappearance of Julius Evola, after his disappearance 7 years prior. The tenuous Vesperian League, across the Atlantic, is in danger of collapsing as Louisianian revanchism threatens the borderlands for a second time. The threat of all-out slave revolt bears down upon a weak and vulnerable Virginia, and Meridia shivers at the thought of the sleeping giant, the Soqtantisuyu, awakening from its long slumber. Nihon is on the verge of civil collapse as the Tokugawa Bakufu loses control of its people, the prisoners of Ulimaroa agitate for freedom, and Africa seeks solidarity and shared struggle under the hungry eyes of European imperialism. The Middle East, the longest bastion of peace and stability in the world, begins to show the first signs of tearing in the strong, taut fabric of society, as trade interests and foreign meddling, as well as imperial decadence and ethnic strife, start to rear their ugly heads. 

The clock is ticking. Grains of sand fall from the hourglass, each and every place on Earth a bed of frozen coals, merely waiting for the opportunity to erupt into an uncontrollable fire.

Whatever happens, it will not happen again: humanity will be forced to choose its destiny, light a torch, and fight for a future worth believing in - even if they may not see the results.

Pick a side. Choose the destiny of mankind. Kindle a Flame for Winter.



  • Misery
  • Sub-Ideologies
  • Tech Tree Changes
  • Flavour Events
  • Developed 14-year Campaign

The Team

Lead Developer and Representative:

  • Tamara (tamara#0345)


  • Chai |  Thunderslav | Geckonator | Kracc
  • Indyclone77 | TaxHarbinger | Civ'ed | Carvor
  • ThePinkPanzer (...theoretically) | Roniius | Palks | Wilson
  • Mop | Vapor | LiontheLeon | Rzymek

Contact and Information

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