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A mod for Hearts of Iron 4 heavily based off of the very popular mod known as Kaiserreich, Fuhrerreich envisions a world in which the Entente wins the First World War, however from the perspective of those living in the Kaiserreich universe. As a result, the world of Fuhrerreich heavily differs from our own, as the impacts from the events of Kaiserreich plays a vital role in much of the worldbuilding for Fuhrerreich concerning the plausibility of the events in Fuhrerreich's timeline.

Discord, Reddit,and Workshop pages can be found here, respectively.


Initial development started in Early September of 2017. First public release was in Late May 2018. Patches have been applied as needed since then and continue to be so. Update 0.2 was released in Early February of 2019.

The Team

Lead Developer: Darknight1342

Mod Coop Representative: Darknight1342

Developers: High ranking developers include Darknight1342, CIA, Trimeon, Jespertjee, SuperMarks, Drowse, fbruchmueller, Spocklan116, Steffplays123, & Thymos Khan. Standard Developer roster sits at aproximately 20 members.