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The Fallen Eagle


The Fallen Eagle is an alternate history mod for Hearts of Iron IV, based on the scenario of Franz Ferdinand never being assassinated in Sarajevo.


The mod begins at the starting year of 1930. At the beginning of the scenario, a civil war is ongoing in Russia, and the ex-Russian Empire states are consolidating into regional powers. The world's great powers will seek to sway the outcome of this conflict, but there is also great tension in their own colonies and a number of minor powers seek to take advantage of the situation.


Work on the Fallen Eagle began under the name Austria Imperium Univeralis in June 2018, when it was created by DoodleSM. Modders Baldrick and Holben joined shortly afterwards and coding on the project began. The mod was renamed to its current title in August 2018. The mod's discord server was temporarily deleted in November 2018, but it was then recreated under the joint leadership of Baldrick, DoodleSM, Holben and Indyclone77 in December.


The Team

Mod Coop Representative: Baldrick

Developers: Baldrick, DoodleSM, Holben, Indyclone77, Skullcrusher

Contact and Information

There is a discord for Fallen Eagle at this link and a subreddit at this link.

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