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Lore Overview

Fall of Unity: 1936 is a Mod Co-Op Associate, set in the year 1936. The Great War has devastated and destroyed Europe, gas was used on civilian targets to damage both morale and food output. The war itself lasts an additional year, ending on August 9, 1919, thanks to new fronts opened in North America, and food being stolen by Germany and Austria-Hungary from occupied regions. The Russian Revolution and following civil war still happen as in our timeline, but it both are much more brutal, with millions of civilians either dead, wounded, or displaced, with many refugees flooding into the relatively more peaceful Siberia, causing a massive famine thanks to food shortages. In Germany and France, civil war leads to breakaway states emerging, with stalemates and standoffs occuring at nearly every border. Belgium falls to civil war and cultural violence as Wallonians attempt to break free, this is quickly ended by a quad-occupation by the Rhine, Paris, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands, who occupy all of Belgium, which relocates its government to the Congo. In the Far East, Japan has to put down several Korean revolts, all of which are inspired by the Russian Revolution. To re-unite his people, Emperor Hirohito declares war on Manchuria, who, he claims, destroyed key railways near Port Arthur, in advance of an invasion of Korea. Manchuria falls, and Japan sets her sights on the rest of China. In the USA, the Great Depression rages on, the New Deal brought by FDR fails due to mismanaged resources, corruption, and unpopular support, with the failure of democracy in the USA apparent, many have turned to radicalism, and the latest election may prove too much for the angered American people. Over the pond again, in England, the United Kingdom is in ruins. There are revolts across the Empire, there are armed bands of rebels in Ireland and Scotland, and some more radical members of the English populace want to remove the King for good and establish a republic. King Edward VIII ascends to his father's throne after George V is assassinated by Welsh separatists, and immediately demands emergency powers from Parliament, which are granted. Martial law is declared soon afterwards, thus hammering in the final nail in Great Britain's coffin. Soon after Royal Army personnel occupy key towns and ports across England and Scotland, the revolts begin. Strikes across the mines in Wales, armed insurgency by the Scottish Highland Army, occupation of Cornwall by Brittany, which highjacked dozens of former French vessels, and an invasion of Uster, led by Prince Joachim of Prussia, newly crowned King of Free Ireland. Within a few weeks, England had all but lost control of the Isles, and soon enough, the Republican revolt began in Northumberland, where it stayed, following a short, bloody war, where Edward ceded the land to the Northumberland Republic.

The new Dark Age of Europe has descended upon the unwilling subjects of the former Great Powers. New ideologies spring to life to attempt to rouse the populace into unification, but all eventually fail. These are dark days for Man, and there is nothing but war, and alliances shift on a whim. It will take much strength to last to the next age, but only time will tell if the nations of the past make it through the gauntlet of war.

(Lore always has possibility of change)



Core Features

Mod is WIP, and upon initial release, these features will be present:

  • Focus trees for 7 "Majors" as well as several other trees for "Secondary Powers"
  • Leader portraits for most, if not all starting leaders, as well as more for Major and Secondary nations
  • Events and decisions for all Majors and Secondaries, as well as lesser powers, to make sure the world is always interesting.
  • Hundreds of new states, to allow you to shape how the world of the future will look.
  • Darker colour palette.
  • 12 Ideologies (Ranging from National Socialism all the way to Anarcho-Communism)
  • Grimdark atmosphere. (We will describe how disgusting your National Socialist nation's crimes are.)

In future releases, we will add the following:

  • New minister system (Think Kaiserreich or The New Order)
  • New Law system (Conscription, Education, Taxes, Military Age, Religion)
  • Culture System (Will be implemented once End of a New Beginning implements theirs)
  • More trees, events, leaders, decisions, and lore to better flesh out this new future.
  • Better map design, so that you can create almost any borders you wish!

Thank you for reading this, and I hope you try Fall of Unity: 1936 when it releases!

https://discord.gg/VGDeJ8t [Discord Server]


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