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The Expanded Mod Family focuses around on bringing flavour on recent or forgotten Europa Universalis 4 mechanics, such as Missions and Government Reforms. Whilst absolute completion hasn't been achieved for all nations, the developers are actively working every day.



The first Expanded mod, Mission Expanded, arrived into the workshop on 1st of April 2018, where it quickly became one of the top mods of the month. The modding team grew at an alarming rate, which led into rapid development of the mod. With the release of Dharma, there was the addition of Insults and Government Reforms. This led into the second sister mod, Insults Expanded, released on 30th of September 2018. On 21th of December 2018, Governments Expanded was released, making its way up the workshop at an alarming rate. On the 1st of March, National Ideas Expanded joined the Expanded Family frey.


Missions Expanded:

  • Over 200 mission trees mainly focused around Europe. A complete list can be found here.
  • Noteworthy flavour for many nations.
  • Trees for every European nation and other noteworthy nations such as Ethiopia or Japan.
  • Regular updates with new trees, bugfixes, and flavor.
  • Over 150 new events, either for mission rewards, or for mission requirements

Governments Expanded:

  • Over 80 Government Reforms, mainly in Europe
  • Over 70 events tied to Government Reforms
  • New unique election system for nations such as Florence
  • Frequent development

National Ideas Expanded:

  • Over 100 new national ideas sets, ranging from East Asia to Native America

The Team

Missions Expanded:

  • Stiopa866 - Lead Developer, Coding
  • LordVarangian - Original Creator, Coding
  • CaptKitty - Coding
  • Xangelo - Graphics
  • claivin - Coding
  • Krizi - Coding
  • Lemonporn - Coding
  • Ribbit - Playtesting
  • Big Boss - Playtesting, Designing
  • Ristrimir - Research
  • Harharhoman - Research
  • Garland - Localizing
  • Depressionate Member - Localizing
  • Elefanté - Lead Localizer, Designing
  • Morrolan - Creating Compatibility Patches

Governments Expanded:

  • Jay DoubleU - Lead developer
  • AveAwan - Localization

National Ideas Expanded:

  • Verinity Void - Lead Developer, Localizing

Contacting Us


Discord Link: (All of the developers are there, so feel free to contant them about stuff that has been bothering you on the mods)