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Endsieg: Ultimate Victory is a war-based realism mod created by Lev Slav.The mod currently has 8 Scenarios with 2 in development.



Endsieg does not start out as an alternate history, and up until you begin the game and select your scenario, history has followed its course. For instance, the encirclement and destruction of the Western Front armies at Minsk and Bialystok are implied by the division setup in 1941. Likewise, the failure of the battle of Stalingrad and the subsequent production downfalls are represented in the 43 Scenario and beyond. The World War 1 scenarios are simply that - World War 1 in Hearts of Iron 4, pitting the Central Powers against the Entente in a conflict that would come to define the world as we know it today. Can you avoid the historical fates of the Axis and Central Powers, or will you go along with the Entente and Allies/Comintern and push towards a greater victory? It is up to you, and your skill in managing and perservering through the enslought that will come to decide the final fate of the most prominent wars in recent history.


Endsieg was first uploaded to the shop on July 3rd, 2017 as a successor to Gotterdammerung 1944, another mod by Lev Slav. The mod was initially released with 4 Scenarios, those being 1945, early 1944, december1944 and 1943, the mod received relatively widespread attention and was even covered by several major YouTubers such as iSorrowProductions.

In August 2017, a new WW1 update was released, with it bringing a 1910, 1914, and 1918 scenario. Soon afterwards, Lev Slav stopped modding, and transferred ownership to MisterJay, the current lead developer of the mod.

On July 27th, 2018, a new 1941 start date was introduced filled with new national spirits, events and other additions.

Currently in the works are 2 new scenarios, the 1919 Interwar scenario and a vanilla 1936 one


Endsieg features a full implementation of WW1 tech. That includes, but is not limited to, Industry, Infantry, and Doctrine. 
The mod also features tons of added events, focus trees for most majors in WW1, and added unit types like Railway Artillery, endsieg is currently developing new 3D models for WW1-era tanks and planes to fit the asthetic, the mod also includes a plethora of events, GFX changes and decisions for both WW1 and WW2 Scenarios 

The Team

Lead Developer: MisterJay

Developers: Altiris, Thracian, NukeGaming, Heusmann, KommissarYoshi, Tehrozer, Kaylene, Basileus1081, Admiral Fisher and totalstgamer

Github Testers: Higuyscd32, BezMemow, AwesomeArnold, UncleSam, BrenoECBB


Contact and Information

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