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This is a global mod that will take you to the expanses of the fantasy world of Elder Scrolls Universalis. Immerse yourself in the First Era filled with wars and catastrophes. Prove that you are worthy of maintaining independence in the sight of the threat of elves, orcs and humans. Conquer the Tamriel and hoist your banner on top of the White-Gold Tower. Build the strongest economy on the blood and bones of your subjects, or captured slaves. Populate the barren lands of Ashland and the Great Desert, scattered across Nirn. And make your ancestors smile, looking at you!


Lore of ESU is based on information by:

Extra lore, created by ESU Development Team to fill the empty parts of Timeline can be found here https://elder-scrolls-universalis.fandom.com/wiki/Elder_Scrolls_Universalis_Wiki


  • 21 of October 2017 - creation of ESU concept.
  • 25 of July 2018 - Alpha version of ESU is uploaded to Steam Workshop.
  • 15 of January 2019 - ESU is released to the Public.


  • 2500 Years of Timeline
  • Hundreds of Playable countries
  • Don't just play in Tamriel, but the entire world including Tamriel, Atmora, Yokuda, Akavir
  • Dozens of smaller continents you are free to explore and conquer. 
  • Dozens of custom religion systems, including the eight and nine divines, and the various provincial pantheons
  • Form the Alessian Empire, Ayleid State, Skyrim, Valenwood, High Rock, or Hammerfell in your journey to conquer all of Tamriel!
  • Sweetrolles and Arrows in the Knees.

The Team

ESU is the product of the collaboration of many talented modders and artists. It would be improper if we didn't take the time to thanks everyone who made this project possible:

Aetherum for leading the development of ESU.

qweytr for valuable advices and some parts of the code.

Theolaa for various assistance.

MaitreKorda for various assistance.

hori873 for Map design.

fredoric1001 for Map design.

lebiro for Map design.

Ares for Map design and ESU’s OST.

Beyond Skyrim: Roscrea for Map design.

Vawser for some interface elements.

flogi for some idea groups, some additional advisors and some additional policies.

Dub  for buildings' system.

okiir for design of logo and some flags.

Daniel Ran for ESU's OST.

Fredrik Jonasson for ESU's OST

Plasma3Music for Skyrim Theme Remix.


Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1449952810

Paradox Forums: https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?threads/elder-scrolls-universalis.1145761/

Discord: https://discord.gg/bGVcZyK

Official ESU Wiki: https://elder-scrolls-universalis.fandom.com/wiki/Elder_Scrolls_Universalis_Wiki