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The state is the primary geographic unit of Hearts of Iron 4. A state consists of a set of provinces. In turn, supply areas, strategic regions, and the territory of countries consist of a set of states.

Using Nudger when creating states

The easiest way to edit states is to use the Nudger. The Nudger can be accessed by adding a -debug command in the start options of HoI4 on Steam. Once this is complete, a "Nudge" button will appear on the game start screen.

Once you have started the Nudger you will be presented with the game map along with options to change states, provinces and supply areas among other options.

The button we are interested in is the "States" button, at the top right of the screen. Once you press it, you will see all the States in the game. To create one yourself, start by clicking on a province you would like to put in your State. Then, do a Shift + Left Click on this province to separate it from the State in which it originally was in. Click on it again, you will see a window with a location for the name of the State at the bottom left. Fill it in, then click on "Create State". You just created your State. If you want to add other provinces to your State, click on the province to select your State, then Shift + Click on the other provinces you would like to integrate into it. Once this is done, click on "Save".

Your State is now saved as a new file in the /history directory, but not yet usable.

Assigning a Strategic Region and Supply Area

You must now assign it a Strategic Region. To do this, click on the "Strategic Regions" button at the top right. You will see all the Strategic Regions in the game. To add your State to one of them, select one, do a Shift + Left Click on your State and click Save.

This adds your newly made state to the currently existing strategic region it was added into. You can also create a new strategic region in a similar way to how you create a state, in which case it will create a new file with your choosen name.

Go back and do the same for the Supply Areas. They work in a similar way, and the results of each will end up in the local changes folder.

Manually changing the State's History File

After you have done the basic setup of a state with the Nudger, you may want to access the /history file of your state to be more specific with your changes.

If you decided to use the Nudger your changed state files will be found in the local changes folder. To find this, go to your Hearts Of Iron IV folder in:

  • Windows: C:\Users\<Username>\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Hearts of Iron IV
  • Mac OS: ~/Documents/Paradox Interactive/Hearts of Iron IV
  • Linux: ~/.local/share/Paradox Interactive/Hearts of Iron IV

Here, you will have all the changes made with Nudge, which you will then have to place in your mod folder if you want to save them. Do note that this will include all state files that you have made changes to, ex. the one you removed provinces from.

If you did not use the Nudger in creating a state, instead opting to create it manually you can just copy paste the specific states you made changes over from the vanilla files, adding in yours separate.

In the ~\steamapps\common\Hearts of Iron IV\history\states folder the state files can be found and the below parameters can be changed within them:

You can also add in dates; ex. 1937.1.1 = { } In doing this the game will check if the loaded startdate is after this date or not. If the startdate is prior to this, the scope will not load. This is used in Vanilla for the Chinese states in Japanese occupation.
Information What It Does Exemple
owner The owner of the state when the game begins owner = FRA (France will start with the state)
add_core_of Countries that have cores on the state add_core_of = IRE (Ireland will have a core on this state. You can put multiple add_core_of on multiple lines to add more cores)
buildings Buildings in the state buildings = {infrastructure = 4

9909 = { naval_base = 2 } } (There are 4 infrastructures, and a level 2 naval base in the province number 9909)

victory_points Where are the cities, and how many victory points they hold victory_points = { 9909 5 } (There is a city in the province 9909, and it is has 5 victory points)
manpower How many peoples live in the province when the game starts manpower=907500 (The State has a population of 907k when the game starts)
state_category What type of state this is. It basically affects things like building slots state_category=town (The State is mainly composed of towns)