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Beyond Typus
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Beyond Typus dates back to November 2014 to the original mod named "Beyond the Pale" by a user named "hr135141" (now just "HR"). It began as a mod that overhauled Ireland, and by the time HR ended modding he had updated all of Europe.

In June of 2016, HR had stopped updating how two versions of Beyond the Pale. Back in February, Draíocht had uploaded Beyond Typus, which was Beyond the Pale in the Typus Orbis Terrarum map projection as well as Draíocht's own work in North America, in February of 2016. At the end of Beyond the Pale, Chairman Meow set up a group of fans of the mod to try an keep it alive, with Draíocht stepping up to the plate to lead the project. A short Beyond the Pale Legacy was released but not long after was discontinued due to the extra effort required.

Since the orginal Beyond the Pale reworked Europe, Beyond Typus has gone through 11 versions to reach where we are today, with work on 11.5/12.0 in progress.

  • Version 1.0 - Beyond the Pale in the Typus Orbis Terrarum map projection.
  • Version 2.0 - Cascadia, Alaska, California and half of Canada.
  • Version 3.0 - Other half of Canada as well as updating Ireland using a draft HR had before leaving the modding scene.
  • Version 4.0 - A small area of the southwest US, Morocco, Anatolia and Scandinavia.
  • Version 5.0 - Northern Canada, Greenland and the Caribbean.
  • Version 6.0 - Lots of localised naming thanks to Arga, as well as lots of bugfixing and tweaking.
  • Version 7.0 - Egypt, Sudan and Arabia
  • Version 8.0 - Russia, the Northern Great Plains, Maghreb and New Zealand
  • Version 9.0 - South Africa, Namibia, new Beer Trade Good and lots of localised naming
  • Version 10.0 - Largest update yet, with Dnieper Basin, Italy and the Southern Balkans
  • Version 11.0 - Lots of minor changes and localised naming
  • Upcoming Version - Scandinavia, Baltics and Northern Balkans/Illyria


Core Mod

  • Overhauled regions around the world, including all of Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, New Zealand, South Africa, the Caribbean, Canada and the Pacific US.
  • New formable nations including Belgium, Great Moravia and a united Celtic nation.
  • Dozens of new starting nations in all overhauled areas
  • Development Doubling - All nations have twice as much delopment as in Vanilla (excluding a few cases where changes have been made as we disagree with Paradox's choice) but a single development is worth half of what it is in Vanilla.
  • Around a dozen new Trade Nodes, and a similar number of new Colonial Regions.
  • New Papal State subject type to represent the minor nations of Umbria, the Marche and Romagna that were under the sovereignty of the Papal States.

Official Addons

Both of those are heavily recomended for a BT playthrough

Community Addons

Due to an ever changing community, addons become outdated and new ones are being released, and so this list is in no way exhaustive or always up to date

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