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A Legionary Dream is a total overhaul based on a scenario "What if the Soviet Union reformed into the Union of Sovereign States?". Mostly based on the post-apocalyptic hellscape after a "Great War" between the USS and NATO, causing the complete collapse of most of western civilization. It is currently still in its development stages, but well on its way for a late 2019 Alpha. Developed by an amazing team of very dedicated modders, we at "A Legionary Dream" want to bring you one of the best post-apocalyptic scenarios for Hearts of Iron IV.



The Team

Lead Developer and Representative:

Regional Developers:

  • Admiral Cinnamon
  • Brammeke
  • Bread
  • Ninian
  • Sparkz
  • Terence
  • The Spanish Inquisition


  • Xartes | Orang | Terence | Aquila
  • Cyrus | Admiral Cinnamon | s-team337 | SovietLijm
  • SOBONU | Shronkistan | Steffplays123 | The Spanish Inquisition
  • Roniius | doodleSM | erwin_rommel | Alas negras
  • Fatasscakes | Imperialism | Indyclone77 | Iustinus Tempus
  • Nineveh | Sigismund | T0XICTACO | mop
  • TheCrusaderKing | Trophonius | GFSRPlutonium


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